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Partners in Hope Meeting

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If you’re a Partner in Hope or consider Hope in the City your home church, please join us for a special meeting regarding forward processing at Hope in the City.

We will meet after church on in the Worship Center. Please come hear about the different events we will have during this transitional period and how you can be involved & share your input.

Thanks in advance for praying into and joining us for this important meeting.

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Discussion about this event

Martha Touba on 10/11/2017

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that we will only be offering childcare to those children 5 and younger during the meeting. Those 6 and older will need to be in the meeting with their parents. If you can plan accordingly that would be great.

Also, please plan to pick up your kids from the elementary area promptly after the service so that the teachers can attend the meeting.

Thank you,


October 15
12:15 pm – 1:00 pm
4407 Monterey Oaks Blvd
Building 2, Suite 200
Austin TX 78749
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25 people
are coming
Jane Diane Mullett (2)

Katherine Aguirre (1)

Carolyn Grant (2)

Stacey Harris (1)

Mark Heard (2)

Barry Brooks (2)

Barbara Widstrom (2)

Lindsey Falls (1)

Matt Kehn (2)

Jean-Marie Heard (1)

Brittany Boehr (1)

Diane Fleming (2)

Meagan Brown (2)

Chris Padgett (2)

Dave Bresemann (1)

Bob Beims (1)

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